Who we are

Europeans United for Democracy (EUD) is a pan-European EU-critical alliance founded in 2005 as EUDemocrats. Within the European Union we work for increased transparency, accountability, subsidiarity, and most importantly budget control. The EUD does not take a position on left-right policy issues, believing that these issues should be decided in national parliaments.

Our core values are:

The EUD works to ensure that legislation, decisions, meetings and budgets are made available to EU citizens in a simple and accessible format, and that EU decisions are free of arbitrary interests that favour a select few.

The EUD aims for EU institutions and legislation to operate under the principle of subsidiarity. Decisions must be made and carried out at the lowest possible level in every community.

The EUD strives to improve democratic accountability. Our role as a European political party is to reduce the gap between the European institutions and the citizens. Policy making needs to reflect the will of the people, and the powers that create it must be dispersed into several elected institutional bodies.

The EUD asserts that Member States must be free to implement policies in their own, most appropriate ways and that the peoples of Europe must not be subject to aggressive harmonization.

The daily work of the EUD:

  • Arguing in favour of political independence for the member states and their nationally elected institutions.
  • Monitoring the implementation of the EU Constitutional Treaty (the Lisbon Treaty) in the European Union and highlighting its problems in relation to the political independence of the member states.
  • Working against new initiatives from the European institutions aiming at controlling more policy areas.
  • Working against the development of a European Union Foreign Service that will undermine the member states foreign, security and defence policy.
  • Working against the expansion of the euro zone. The EUD believes that a common currency for Europe is harmful, both from a democratic and an economic point of view. Observing economic development since the introduction of the euro, our position has proven to be correct.
  • Working for transparency and reforms aimed at total openness in all EU institutions.

Our vision for future cooperation in Europe:
Our common goal is to diminish the power of EU institutions and to create a Europe with peaceful cooperation amongst sovereign States. Within this overall strategy, there are many alternative approaches:

  • For some members, the above described goal can only be achieved if their countries leave the European Union.
  • Other members would prefer to change the present European Union into something similar to the European Free Trade Association.
  • Yet, others might have the opinion that the European Union is not only a common market but also an opportunity to cooperate in other fields such as environmental policy.

The EUD sees no contradictions between critical movements and “withdrawalists” since we all agree on a fundamental issue in present day politics: To stop the development of the United States of Europe! We must work together to stop the erosion of democracy, improve transparency, openness and national sovereignty.

Is there any other alternative?
Let’s face it. Even if the no-side won some battles (Nice, Constitution and Lisbon), the elites have managed to approve and ratify all treaties. We must join forces NOW in order to save democracy!

Our ongoing campaigns

Our political platform

"If it's a Yes, we will say 'on we go', and if it's a No we will say 'we continue'." Jean Claude Juncker, leading up to the 2005 French referendum on the EU Constitution.
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