Mrs Patricia McKenna is the current President.

Patricia is a former Green Party MEP who represented the Irish Green Party for ten years in the European Parliament (1994 – 2004). She is also a former Vice President of the Green Group in the European Parliament.

A long time campaigner on human rights, peace, disarmament and democracy, she is perhaps best known for her successful constitutional legal challenge to the Irish Government’s use of public funds to secure a specific outcome in Irish referenda.  Known as the ‘McKenna’ judgment, the Irish Supreme Court ruled (1995) that it was unconstitutional for Government to use public money to promote one side in a referendum campaign – an important decision in relation to Ireland’s referenda on EU treaties.


Lave Broch serves as Vice-President.

Lave is a member of the Danish Social Liberal Radikale Venstre party and campaign coordinator for the Danish People’s Movement against the EU. For ten years he has been active in the leadership of the People’s Movement against the EU. He helped found Radikalt EU-kritisk Netvaerk and serves on the board of the think-tank NyAgenda. Lave also chairs the Danish UN association’s Peace and Conflict solving committee and serves on the Bureau of the Danish UN association. Lave received his cand.scient.pol degree from the University of Copenhagen and is a reserve officer in the Civil Defence (Danish Emergency Management Agency). He was born in Malmö, Sweden in a Danish-Norwegian family.


Swedish politician Sören Wibe was the EUD Chairman from January 2009 until his sudden death on 29 December 2010. He was a professor of Economics at Umeå University in Sweden, a Member of the European Parliament 1995-1999 and a Member of the Swedish Parliament (Riksdag) 2002-2006, representing the Social Democratic Party. Sören was one of the leaders of the successful Swedish campaign against the Euro in 2003.

"If it's a Yes, we will say 'on we go', and if it's a No we will say 'we continue'." Jean Claude Juncker, leading up to the 2005 French referendum on the EU Constitution.
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