You can contribute to our efforts in various ways. Help bringing democracy and accountability back to EU politics by selecting the manner in which you would like to contribute and click “submit.” The EUD looks to its members and affiliates to actively participate in and voice their opinions on EUD projects, direction and campaigns.

 Assist by translating documents from/into my language which is Send the EUD articles, documents, links or information that you consider pertinent to the situation in your country Contribute your professional skills Generate contacts for the EUD to NGOs, like-minded organisations, VIPs and media in your country Work as an intern in our Brussels office Participate or organize EUD events in your country

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"If it's a Yes, we will say 'on we go', and if it's a No we will say 'we continue'." Jean Claude Juncker, leading up to the 2005 French referendum on the EU Constitution.
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