Clear majority of Finns oppose continuation of EU’s bail-out policy in Greece

Citizens' Initiative to hold referendum on EMU membership launched

July 17th, 2015

Europeans United for Democracy

Press release 17/7/2015

Poll finds clear majority of Finns reject 3rd Greek bail-out

While a Citizens’ Initiative to hold a referendum on the euro is gathering signatures rapidly, a survey conducted by Taloustutkimus on behalf of the EUD alliance, shows that 53% of Finns oppose a 3rd Greek bail-out. Only 28% of respondents believe that Finland should accept the continuation of the EU’s bail-out policy by agreeing to a 3rd Greek bail-out.


Most critical were supporters of The Finns party (88%), the Christian Democrats (71%) and the Prime Minister’s Centre party (57%). Clear pluralities in the Finance Minister’s party, the NCP (45%) and the Social Democrats (44%) also oppose the continuation of the bail-out policy in Greece.

The same poll found that 81% of respondents agreed that “EMU should allow for legal exits from the Euro area following a national political decision.”


Respondents overwhelmingly opposedfurther transfers of powers to EU-institutions, like the establishment of a federal EU-finance ministry, in order to complete the EMU?” Only 22% supported further transfers of powers to EU-institutions while 62% rejected such developments.


The poll was conducted by Taloustutkimus Oy using a representative sample of 1006. The survey was conducted 15.–16.7.2015. Margin of error ±2,5%.

Taloustutkimus Crosstabs: Finnish public opinion about euro crisis

Details on methodology


"If it's a Yes, we will say 'on we go', and if it's a No we will say 'we continue'." Jean Claude Juncker, leading up to the 2005 French referendum on the EU Constitution.
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